May 3

Skånes konstförening is closed during Thursday May 3 in order to be part of the first network meeting organized by AOOO in Stockholm.

The network AOOO invite you to join the first network exploring in what ways small-scale and self-organized initiatives within the art field are vulnerable today. In a changing political landscape and with current challenges, arts organizations are particularly vulnerable, partly through expressed threats of violence and partly by potential reductions in public funding. What happens if the cultural policy map is redrawn and the funding that organizations within the art field have traditionally relied upon are suddenly withdrawn due to ideological reasons? How do other organizations within the field of culture and the rest of civil society relate to a similar future scenario? How can we work proactively in a larger network, where we gather knowledge, form new strategies and continue to work with the belief that art is all for everyone?

About Arts Organizations Out of Office – Dealing with Changing Political Landscapes
AOOO brings together self-organized and small-scale organizations and collectives within the field of contemporary art in the Nordic region. By meeting, exchanging experiences and knowledge, the network is trying to find new strategies, create resilience and work proactively against the abstract and concrete threats our operations are facing. The following initiatives and organizations are currently part of AOOO: Konstfrämjandet (SE), Art Lab Gnesta (SE), UNICORN – Artists in Solidarity (SE), Skånes konstförening (SE), Studio 17 (NO), MUU – Artists Association (FI), UKK – Unge Kunstnere og Kunstformidlere (DK).